Suggested timing: 15 minutes

Use the remaining time for final group reflections:

It is important to listen to the voices of people of color. White people cannot be doing all the talking – people of color need to be included in every space, and white people need to actually listen. What can you do to magnify the voices of the oppressed and marginalized?

Independent Assignment

Review and practice what you learned in this module by completing the following:

  • Read and watch the resources in “Self-Care” from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.
  • Reflect by considering the answers to these questions from the page. You can also discuss with a friend or write the answers in a learning journal to keep track of your progress as you progress through the course:
    • When do you feel you are most mindful? When do you feel like you lose your presence?
    • Spend 2 minutes breathing and centering yourself by doing nothing.
    • What are the critical conversations you’ve been avoiding that add stress to your life? What will you do to ground yourself before and during these conversations?
    • What are some positive affirmations you can tell yourself (in your head or out loud) throughout the day?

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