Suggested timing: 40 minutes

25 min: Individually, read through the University of Michigan article about social identity wheels and watch the second half of the video, beginning at the 6:46 mark. (The goal for the meeting is not for everyone to complete their social identity wheel, but to get started enough to engage in a conversation about it).

When you’re finished, begin working on your own social identity wheel.

15 min: In small groups (3-4) discuss the five questions in the middle of the wheel – each person should share only what they are comfortable sharing. Some additional questions for consideration:

  • Could the identity differences between me and the person I’m talking with about race be contributing to our differences of opinion or perspective?
  • Am I listening to people whose identities and experiences differ from mine?
  • Am I shifting some focus and power away from the most privileged in the conversation?
  • Am I providing a safe space for marginalized people to speak out?

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