Suggested timing: 5 minutes

How did the first meeting go? Take a minute to share something that went well (a plus) and something that you’d like to change for next week (a delta). You can return to this list during the next meeting to ensure that you’re making changes that benefit the learning experience for everybody.

Before the Next Meeting

To prepare for the next module, check out the following:

Independent Assignment

Review and practice what you learned in this module by completing the following:

  • Read and watch the resources in “Bias” from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.
  • Reflect by considering the answers to these questions from the page. You can also discuss with a friend or write the answers in a learning journal to keep track of your progress as you progress through the course:
    • What are some of your own biases - positive or negative - that you are aware of?
    • How have you experienced bias in your own life?
    • How might our biases towards others affect how we shape our own lives?
    • Why are biases so prevalent if they are not based on evidence?
    • How do biases become norms? How do we stop certain biases from becoming norms?
  • Try out the Project Implicit tool, particularly the Race IAT, to explore some of your own biases. (You can keep these results private/anonymous and skip any questions.)

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